Deep River & Wood's Historic Grist Mill

In 1836 John Wood moved his family to Indiana where he built a wooden grist mill that he operated for many years. In 1876 his son, Nathan, built the current building and operated the flouring mill into the twentieth century. Wood's Grist Mill stands as a reminder of the great industrial strength of Northwest Indiana.

The Power of Water (Nature & History Tour)

  • Available: Tuesday to Friday (May-October) This tour can be adjusted to fit any grade / age group (first grade and older)
  • Fee: $2 per person (children and adults) or $3 and each person receives a Deep River souvenir bag with postcard and two candy sticks.
  • Group size: 15 person minimum and 90 person maximum
  • Tour Time: Tours are 1 and 1/2 hour long. Tours can begin at 9:30 a.m. (arrival times may be adjusted to fit your group's needs). Larger groups may take more time to complete tour.
  • Reservation and Deposit: $20 deposit required at least two weeks in advance by calling 219-769-7275

Tour Description


Take a walk along the river and learn why Deep River was the natural choice for John Wood to settle here. Discover the wildlife that still exists while learning who or what may have lived here years ago.


At Wood’s Mill learn about water power, grist mills and John Wood. The miller will demonstrate how cornmeal is still ground. Then through hands-on activities like shelling corn, sifting cornmeal and tying a miller’s knot learn how technology and the grist mill made life easier on people of the past. In the photo a student is hand sifting the cornmeal.

Deep River General Store

A stop in the store, once a nondenominational church built in 1904, highlights items that would have been for sale in a general store of the past. Groups learn the importance of the store in the community. For groups choosing to shop, there is everything from rock candy, toys, maple syrup, souvenirs to our stone-ground cornmeal for sale. Not interested in shopping, you can add on a Deep River souvenir bag with postcard and candy sticks for $1 per person. It's a great way to take the experience home with you.

Educational Standards / Entertainment Factor

Tours touch on Indiana history, American history, industrial revolution, science, nature, simple machines and hydropower / renewable resources. After registering for your tour, you will receive a resource packet to use in the classroom to complete the tour with before and after activities.

Sifting Meal
Grinding Stones

Grinding Stones

The grinding stones when the cover is removed. Each stone weighs about 2,000 pounds. The bed stone remains stationary while the runner or top stone turns. The furrows in the stones grind the corn into meal.

Suggestion to Teachers & Group Leaders

Visit the Lake County Parks web page to learn more about what your students will see on their trip to the park. View an overview of the history of Wood’s Historic Grist Mill.