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Camp Bellaboo Registration Form


  2. Thank you for signing up for Camp Bellaboo! We're excited for your young camper to have a summer of fun! Camp Bellaboo is designed with kids ages 3-9 in mind. (potty trained please!) Fill out this form, and once received we will review that your selected days are still available, and give you a call to make payment arrangements. 50% deposit is due at booking for all 'bulk' sessions, individual sessions must be paid in full.

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    Please Note: This form only allows space for 6 campers. If you are signing up more than 6 campers, please give us a call or submit the form twice (starting the second time with camper #7)

  9. If more than one camper, list below.

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    Select from the following standard youth t-shirt sizes.

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  31. If more than 6 campers, please call.

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  34. Please list any information you would like Camp Counselors to know.

  35. Please list name, and phone number. More can be added by calling Bellaboo's.

  36. You can add on more sessions throughout the summer as long as space allows.

  37. 2020 Camp Days

  38. Will you be needing a Lunchtime Care Bellaboo's Kids Lunch for any session?

    Lunchtime Care allows your camper to join us for a supervised lunch from 12 pm-1 pm. Lunchtime Care is now free for all campers that come with a packed lunch. Lunchtime requires campers bring a sack lunch. If your child DOES NOT have a lunch there is a $5 charge for Bellaboo's Choice Kids Lunch.

  39. You may list specific dates, or "every other Tuesday" "all Thursdays" etc. Whatever is easiest.

  40. No worries! Please just notify us of the dates you will be utilizing Lunchtime Care at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can staff appropriately.

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