Discovery Trip Basics

About the Trips

Bellaboo's Discovery Trips offers a series of age-appropriate educational activities perfectly designed for groups from preschool to early elementary school age. Bellaboo's building was designed for kids of ALL abilities in mind so groups who may have children with special needs or abilities are absolutely encouraged to attend and participate.  Each Discovery Trip includes the ability to stay and play all day! We are always willing to adapt activities as needed, just please just let staff know at booking of any additional requirements.

Cost of trips

  •  $9.00 per student for an Unguided Exploration Trip
  •  Additional $3 per student for a themed trip with educational components (Different themed trips are available depending on when you're coming! Call us for more details!)
  • One adult chaperone or teacher is admitted free per every 5 children (additional adults $8)

Before you book

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Dine with us

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