Pretend Village

Boy shopping


What goes better with play than pizza!? Little chefs can pretend to cook up something delicious, serve their friends and grown-ups, and get to clean up behind the counter when its all finished!

Grocery Store

Who doesn't love shopping? In our mini grocery store, kids are in charge! Healthy choices abound thanks to Whole Foods Market, and kids can play as a shopper, stocker, or cashier! 

Pet vet

Hone in on your little ones natural empathy and compassion as they learn to care for stuffed animals in the Pet Vet. Kids will get to use doctor equipment, and pretend pet supplies to make sure our menagerie of stuffed creatures are feeling good!

Play house

Kids just can't wait to grow up! In the play house the kitchen, tables, chairs, and dress-up clothes are all kid sized. Future mommies and daddies can take care of their home, their baby dolls, and explore all throughout the pretend village. 

Child working in pizzeria
Boy with pretend money
Girl looking at stuffed cat
Girls playing in pretend kitchen