Plan by Season

Snow craft

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Bellaboo's offers unguided trips with Children's Cooking  and unguided trips without Children's Cooking.  


Pumpkin Guts

Pumpkins, Haystacks and Gourds Oh My! This special autumn program happening in our Children's Cooking kitchen was designed to get your students creating their own my size pumpkin pies and discover their own mad scientist within them.



Attention Cool Young Scientists! Join us in the Children's Cooking kitchen to discover the wonders of snow and ice by investigating the 3 phases of water. Transform liquid into a solid right before your own eyes.


Save the Planet! 

How we care for the for the earth today will have a big impact on the world tomorrow. When we meet in the Children's Cooking area we will explore the 3 R's Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and create our own edible compost bin.



Dinosaurs fascinate children. During our Children's Cooking, your students will be hands-on excavating their own edible dinosaur dig.