Sleepy Hollow Online Ticket Sales

In addition to the in person ticket sale next week, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow will be offering ticket sales online this year! 

Here’s how it’s going to work. 

Wednesday, August 23rd 5-7 PM: In person ticket sales will take place at Deep River Waterpark. This is still the best way to get tickets as you’ll have the largest selection of dates and times to choose from. 

Thursday, August 24th at 9 AM: Any remaining tickets will go on sale at

Think you want to buy tickets online? Here’s what you should do today!

  •  Create an account at Accounts will be REQUIRED to check-out, so make your account today! Being logged in and ready to go when tickets go on sale will save you some time! 
  •  Look through the pictures below to understand what you’ll see when you visit the site on Thursday morning. 
  • Ask questions now. Ticket morning can get a little crazy, so while we’ll be around and ready to help as much as possible if you can get your questions cleared up now– even better (and if we keep getting the same questions we’ll post updates with the answers!) 

What to expect on ticket sale day.

  • Tickets sell fast. We’ll try and post updates once shows sell out, but typically we see all tickets sell out on Thursday. 
  • Physical tickets will be mailed and required for entry the night of your event. During the check-out process (once your tickets are safely in your cart) you’ll be prompted to enter where you’d like tickets to be sent. 
  • Please be patient. We’re doing everything in our power to make this as seamless as possible. But if there are some growing pains please know we’re committed to learning and working to make this experience better each year. 
  • DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CART! As multiple people are shopping at the same time, it may look like 6 tickets are available, but by the time you click add to cart someone may’ve snagged some and now there may only be 3 left to add to your cart. PLEASE check that your cart is correct before checking out.
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