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Memorial Day Booklet Donation

  1. First & Last

  2. If Applicable. 

  3. Please include if you would like to receive a copy of the ad booklet following the program. 

  4. Ad Choice
  5. Please upload a copy of your ad here. To ensure there are no unintended formatting changes, please upload a PDF or high quality photo copy of your ad (.jpeg, or .png file types). 

  6. Please enter the name or names you would like printed in the booklet. 

    If donating as a general Thank You, you can list up to two names to be printed in the book or be listed as a family. 

    Please use this format: John & Jane Smith OR John Smith & Jane Ford OR the Smith Family.

    If donating in honor of someone specific, we can list one name + an honorific, or two names without honorifics. 

    Please use this format: In memory of John Smith, beloved son OR In Memory of Jane Ford, dear friend OR In Memory of John Smith & Jane Ford

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