Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Ticket Sales

Tickets must be purchased in advance, no tickets will be available at the door!**

Sale Date: Wednesday, August 24 at 5:00-7 PM at Deep River Waterpark

Ticket Cost: $9 per person. Max 15 tickets per person. 

You may line up early and bring chairs, but please no beach umbrellas. Any remaining tickets will be available for sale by phone the following morning at 9 AM by calling 219-769-PARK. 

** Please be wary of purchasing tickets from a person after the sale date. While there are legitimate reasons why someone may resell tickets (change of plans, family emergencies, etc.) we have also seen a DRAMATIC increase in false or scam "sales" on social media for all of our park events. Lake County Parks is not responsible for resold or fraudulent tickets. 

Some tips to help protect you (and your pocketbook!) 

  • If you're buying from someone, try to buy from someone you know (or someone who someone you know knows)
  • Ask to see the physical tickets. We do not sell any tickets online, and a physical ticket is required so if someone is offering to email you tickets they're not telling the truth. 
  • Plan to meet in person at the Lake County Parks Main Office to exchange tickets for cash. 1. Scammers usually don't want to meet in person and 2. We'll be able to confirm that the tickets are legitimate. 
  • Pay cash or send money digitally only after you have the tickets. 
  • If the person selling your tickets asks you for any codes to confirm you're a real buyer, don't do it! The only information you should need to give to any seller is where you plan to meet to get the tickets. 

The best way to guarantee you're safe is to buy tickets directly from the Lake County Parks on August 24th! 

Legend Campfire

Show dates

Friday & Saturday, September 9 & 10 and 16 & 17

Buckley Homestead County Park.

Park in the visitor center lot and line up for your scheduled time. 

Reminder! No tickets are available at the door!

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